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  • 2016 Mattawa River Canoe Race was Awesome!

    (North Bay, ON, July 23, 2016) Fifty six teams from across Ontario and Quebec participated in North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s 40th Annual Mattawa River Canoe Race. Paddlers launched from Olmsted Beach, North Bay and made their way through the 64 km trek, five mandatory portages and moderate water levels to Mattawa Island, competing for the top spot in the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s race.

    Joanna Faloon of Ottawa and Christoph Weber of Chelsea, Quebec  captured the Fastest Overall Time trophy, finishing with a time of 6:21:53, less than a minute ahead of second place finishers Don Stoneman of Cambridge and Chris Prater of London with a time of 6:22:51.

    An additional 7 teams took part in the 13 km family race and junior races, launched from Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

    Top three finishers in each race division are:

    C2 OPEN:

    1st Place:  Chris Prater from London and Don Stoneman from Cambridge with a time of 6:22:51

    2nd Place:  Gord Cole from Parry Sound and Dragan Olajdzja with a time of 6:34:32

    3rd Place:  Rene Boogemans from Hensall and Dan Mallett from Chelsea, Quebec with a time of 6:37:39

    C2 MIXED:

    1st Place:  Joanna Faloon from Ottawa and Christoph Weber from Chelsea, Quebec with a time of 6:21:53                                                                                                             

    C1 OPEN:

    1st Place:  Derek Reed from Sudbury with a time of 6:58:26

    2nd Place:  Stan Anusiewicz from Brights Grove with a time of 7:03:17

    3rd Place:  Michael Gregory from Paris, France with a time of 7:59:09                               


    1st Place:  Shawn Bruins from Lively and Rob Gregoris from Sudbury with a time of 6:50:17

    2nd Place:  James and John Larmer from Sudbury with a time of 7:01:34

    3rd Place:  Mark Clout from Port Colborne and Lorne Byers from North Bay with a time of 7:33:17


    1st Place: Sebastien Horth from North Bay and Eric Filion from North Bay with a time of 7:54:31

    2nd Place: Steve Moschenross from Phelpston and Matthew Porteous from Toronto with a time of 8:00:59

    3rd Place:  Dan Kuehl and Randy Jacobs from North Bay with a time of 8:31:26


    1st Place:  Zev Bromberg from Toronto and Kim Kilpatrick from Guelph with a time of 7:48:30

    2nd Place: Chris Near and Rebecca Francis from Huntsville with a time of 7:48:54

    3rd Place:  Justine Brown and Rob Horton from Huntsville with a time of 8:06:35                                           


    1st Place:  Isabelle and Nicolas Drolet from Midhurst with a time of 8:16:59

    2nd Place:  Elizabeth and Robert Chirico from North Bay with a time of 8:40:51


    1st Place:    Nicole Dupuis from Corbeil and Jeanne Cantin from Callander with a time of 9:23:06

    2nd Place:    Elizabeth Edington and Maria Cortez from Seguin with a time of 9:31:34

    3rd Place:    Courtney Sinclair from Mansfield and Sandra Heidel from Chalk River with a time of 9:56:18


    1st Place:  Tom Phillips from Gloucester and Mike DeAbreu from Arnprior with a time of 6:38:35

    2nd Place:  Bob Vincent and James Oliver McMillan from Dorchester with a time of 6:45:38 

    3rd Place:  Michael Creamer and Cullen Thiessen from Dorval with a time of 6:46:54


    1st Place:  Shawn Urban from Sarnia with a time of 6:46:12

    2nd Place:  Todd Veldhuizen from Toronto with a time of 9:53:38


    1st Place:  Jessica Rando from Mississauga with a time of 8:23:39

    1st Place:  Ty Backus from Vittoria with a time of 8:23:39

    1st Place:  Jonah Logan from Scotland, ON with a time of 8:23:39


    1st Place: Chris and Rachel deGraauw from Pickering with a time of 1:34:19

    2nd Place:  Lief and Jim MacTavish from Cumberland with a time of 1:34:40

    3rd Place: Kiersten and Katie Petersen from Cumberland with a time of 1:47:40



    Soern Petersen Memorial Award for the Oldest Paddler:  Bob Vincent (73)

    Barry Armstrong Memorial Award for the Youngest Paddler:  Maria Cortez (18)

    OMCKRA's Wayne Gregory Memorial Award for Father/Son Paddlers:  John & James Larmer

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