The 64 km Mattawa River Canoe Race tests marathon canoe racers’ skill, strength and stamina as they paddle and portage in the footsteps of 19th century Voyageurs in Northern Ontario.
It’s a marathon like no other. And in 2021, you can be a part of it and help celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of the NBMCA’s Mattawa River Canoe Race!
Your sponsorship supports this historic race and more importantly, the NBMCA environmental, outreach and stewardship programs.

Sponsorship Package

Download the Sponsorship Package and Help Out Today! 

Return On Investment

2022 Sponsorship investments are available from $5000 to $500 with corresponding ROI values ranging from $10,000 to $1,000.

Sponsorships $750 and greater receive multiple radio mentions on 100.5FM EZ Rock and/or 102FM The Fox! Other ROI includes name and/or logo exposure on website, links to your company’s website, buckslips, media releases, registration forms, advertising, and recognition at the banquet as well as social media mentions.

The association of your company with a long-standing, well-respected event organized by a credible environmental organization provides an additional ROI.

Importance of Sponsors

Your sponsorship of this 45 year old event will support the NBMCA's environmental education, outreach and stewardship programs which encourage children and adults to help balance human, economic and environmental needs in the future.

Monetary Sponsorships

Monetary contribution is an essential part of this event; we would not be able to hold this event or offer our outreach and stewardship programs if it were not for the generosity of our sponsors. We use these funds to ensure a quality event that includes race safety, dinner and awards. It’s an investment in our future by educating our community about the importance of the environment and our natural world.

Sponsorship Amount
Presenting Sponsor: $5,000
Family Race Sponsors: $2,000
Dinner Sponsors: $1,750
Junior Race Sponsors: $1,500
Supporting Sponsors: $750
Pre-Race Hike Sponsors: $600
Checkpoint Sponsor: $600
Race Category Sponsor: $500

Prize Sponsorships

An important aspect of our award ceremony is honoring our top three finishers in all categories by presenting them with a recognition prize for their achievements. Product and gift donations are also offered as prizes to the race winners.

Financial Donations

As a monetary donor (without sponsorship recognition) you will become a Friend of the Mattawa River Canoe Race and a tax receipt will be given for the amount of the financial donation.

Thank you 2019 Sponsors

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