Race Records

Wow! Can you beat these records?

USCA C1 Open: 6:10:18
Mark Clout  (2004)

Pro C2 Men's: 5:27:53

Peter Harbocian & Rene Boogemans (1995)

Pro C2 Mixed: 5:46:27

Mark Clout &  Dawn Williams (2003)

Pro C2 Women's: 6:42:46

Liz Loek & Karen Simpson (2018) 

C1 Stock Open: 8:06:24

Max Finkelstein (2018) 

C2 Stock Men's: 6:17:36
Tim Turner & Pat Turner (2017)

C2 Stock Mixed: 6:50:44

Jennifer Courville & Sebastien Courville (2018)        *New Record*

C2 Stock Women's: 7:47:37

Bonnie Pankiw & Ellen Padzdior (2019) *New Record*

Rec Men's A: 6:20:30
Rick Isaacson & Ray Raby (1994)

Rec Men’s B: 7:15:52
Pierre & Justin Mirault

Rec Women’s: 7:37:43 
Heather Pennie & Stacy Haner (2007)

Rec Mixed A: 6:27:32
Soern & Karin Petersen

Rec Mixed B: 7:30:04
Barry Birosh & Sera Tempio (2006)

Voyageur: 6:39:28
Parry Sound Canoe Club (2004)

Open Kayak: 6:32:32
Shawn Urban (2017)

Open SUP: 7:23:57

Brent Schmidt (2018) 

Family A:
Ray Healey & Zach Cordick 

Family B: 1:36:02
Derek & Carly Chantler 

Junior Racing: 1:35:53
Jamie Herr & Danny Herr

Junior Recreational: 1:38:12
Cameron Herr & Danny Herr

Paddlers at the finish line


2019 Mattawa River Canoe Race a Success

Sixty-six teams from three provinces and two countries participated in North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s 43rd Annual Mattawa River Canoe Race. Paddlers launched from Olmsted Beach, North Bay and made their way through the 64 km trek, five mandatory portages and low water levels and high winds to Mattawa Island, competing for the top spot in the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s race.

Michelle Laprade and Ryan Stepka of Gatineau Quebec captured the Fastest Overall Time trophy, finishing with a time of 6:09:43, ahead of second place finishers Derek and Robert Reed from Sudbury with a time of 6:13:30.

Bonnie Pankiw from Chelsea, QC and Ellen Padzdior from Ottawa broke the record in the C2 Stock Women’s Class with a time of 7:47:37 from the old record of 9:00:12. 

An additional 3 teams took part in the 13 km family race and junior races, launched from Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

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